[180314] Kitsunetsuki - Kedamono Damono (Killing Bites ED) [FLAC, Scans] +1

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M1: Vocal/Guitar: 菅原 卓郎 (Takuro Sugawara)
Drum: 滝 善充 (Yoshimitsu Taki)
Bass: 下上貴弘 (アルカラ) (Takahiro Shimokami (Arukara))

M2: Vocal/Guitar: 菅原 卓郎 (Takuro Sugawara)
Guitar: 滝 善充 (Yoshimitsu Taki)
Drum: 渡部宏生 (heaven in her arms) (Hiroki Watanabe (heaven in her arms))

FYI, both Takuro Sugawara and Yoshimitsu Taki are in 9mm Parabellum Bullet.

I'll apologize in advance for any stupid mistakes (I always seem to make at least one in every release).

Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.


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