[Bereke Scrubs] Caster Chronicles Ryukendo - 12 v2 +1

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Date: 2018-07-12 01:49:39 UTC
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Scrub of Caster Chronicles Ryukendo episode 12.

Source video is 10-bit H.264 MKVs from Bunny Hat, with subtitles originally from the TV-Nihon release but significantly cleaned up and with chunks retranslated from the original Japanese. :) Subs are softsubs, check for a second release with hardsubs.

Site (w/DDL links): http://berekescrubs.wordpress.com/

EDIT: v2 with a slight fix to the opening to include some missing lines.


[Bereke Scrubs] Caster Chronicles Ryukendo - 12 v2 [73341701].mkv (228 MB)
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